There are always keys that open the door to the success you are after….below are 7 simple ones that I suggest you follow to your weight loss & fitness goals:

1 – The mind affects the body, and vice-versa

The condition of our bodies will generally affect our motivation, our motivation will have an effect on the way we treat our bodies.  If we are demotivated we are more likely to sit at home watching TV, whereas if we are motivated we are more likely to get up and go for a run or keep fit.  It works the other way around too, if we are fit and healthy we are more likely to face challenges with enthusiasm and energy.  However, if we are unfit or sick, we may allow challenges to overcome us.

2 – Be accountable to yourself…

Who is the boss?  You are.  The only person you have to answer to is yourself.  So, while you’re sitting around doing nothing when you could be working towards achieving your goals… tell yourself off, go and do it.  Who’s goals are they?

3 – Inspire yourself by doing something unexpected

If at any time you feel like you are going nowhere, do something new and exciting.  There are millions of new experiences available to everyone.  Ever done a bungee or parachute jump?  What about taking a last minute holiday to a random destination?  Surprise yourself, break out of your old routine.

4 – Use visualisation to program desired behaviour

We learn through experience, nothing stops us from experiencing things in our own imagination.  The human mind is a powerful tool, by harnessing the power of our own imagination we are able to conjure up scenarios and play out our actions.  We can correct mistakes before they even happen.  By doing this, when a real life situation arises, we have already learned the best course of action to take.

5 – When setting goals, start with the end result and work backwards

The achievement of a goal is a personal triumph, by knowing exactly what you need to achieve you are able to focus on the exact steps which will lead you to success.

6 – Aspire to improve every day

Whether you have a weakness or would like to do something more efficiently, there is always something which you can improve.  We grow through constant improvement.

7 – Ask yourself the right questions

Your internal dialogue will either inspire you or limit your progress depending on the questions you ask yourself.  Instead of asking “why?” ask “why not?”  For every question you ask yourself, decide if there is a more inspiring question which could be asked.

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