Personally I hate the word diet. Going on a diet usually means starving yourself, long hours at the gym, and in general doing what you absolutely do not want to do in order to have something you want, a hot body!

Many people every year do this very thing. Start a diet, cut their food intake in half, eat obscure foods like eggplant and tofu, then after months of working out and eating “right” hit a “plateau” that they cant seem to get past.

Well the problem with this thinking is that if you go on a “diet” someday your going to come off that “diet”

woman choosing fast food or healthy food

The true definition of “Diet” isn’t a 6 month starve fest, it is what you eat on a regular basis. What you eat everyday is your diet.

Now if your everyday diet consists of fried chicken and burgers at the fast food place with a side of soda and beer, then you need to change your diet, not go on a diet.

When I say change your diet, what I mean is, change what you eat on a regular basis.

YES YOU CAN eat burgers and fried chicken, but not every meal.

YES YOU CAN drink sodas and beer, but not a case of soda or a 12 pack of beer every day.

Everything in moderation.

If you want to go out and have a few beers with the guys or ladies, by all means please do. But let’s not do it every night.

Change just a few things in your everyday life and you will see huge changes in your body, energy levels, and over all mindset.

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