If you’ve ever been on a weight-loss diet, you may have had these chief complaints: You always feel hungry, the diet is restrictive and the portions are too small. Enter Volumetrics. It’s a weight-loss plan that allows you to enjoy a full plate of food, to ensure you feel satisfied after every meal.

How does it work? You fill up on foods that are high in water but low in calories, such as vegetables, soup broth and lean-protein foods. And there’s still room for all other foods, too.

What do I eat? In this plan, there are 4 categories of foods:

✒ CATEGORY 1: Unlimited foods, including non-starchy vegetables, fruit and broth-based soups.
✒ CATEGORY 2: Reasonable portions of whole grains, lean-protein foods, beans and low-fat dairy.
✒ CATEGORY 3: Small portions of breads, desserts, cheese and high-fat meats.
✒ CATEGORY 4: Sparingly served fried foods, cookies and fats.

The idea behind this diet: Most people tend to eat the same volume or amount of food each day. Of course, some foods contain more calories than others — a cup of French fries (category 4) has 160 calories, while a cup of watermelon (category 1) has 46 calories. Filling your plate with large volumes of low-calorie foods allows you to eat fewer calories in the same amount of food.
Volumetrics can keep you full and satisfied and support a gradual weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week. Clinically tested with good results, this diet has no forbidden foods, but it emphasizes vegetables.

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