Get Your Dream Body in Just Minutes Per Day


The…(you can fill in the blank with the name of any weird looking gizmos you’ve seen in late night infomercials).

I mean, really, do you think a flabby and overweight body can transform into something very lean with six pack abs in “just minutes a day” using something called the Abs Circle?
(you can lump in other gizmos like Abs Lounge, etc).

The answer, of course, is no!

Now, if you’re doing high intesity metabolic resistance training, working all your major muscle groups, then yes, you can get incredible results in just minutes a day.

We’re talking squat jumps, push ups, jumping lunges, pull ups, stair sprints…things like that.

But to think that you can just lay down in a lounger or spin around on a circle and get six pack abs is not only false, it’s irresponsible marketing by these bigger companies.

And don’t believe that the hardbodies that you see in these infomercials got that way by using the product they are demonstrating.

I hope one day, I never see another infomercial like the ones that are out there now…

And if you get one as a holiday gift…well, I guess you can just say “thank you” with a fake smile. ; )


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