When it comes to nutrition…I have tried it all.  (After all it is hard to give a diet plan to a client that I am even unwilling to try myself)  There are over 60,000 registered diets out there…most of which I have found instruct you to count calories and portion sizes.

But lets be honest…how many of use have the time to really truly spend the time day in and day out counting calories and weighing everything out?  As a busy father, husband and professional – I sure as heck don’t….and I am in the industry.

But I have found a MUCH easier method…and that you can use for a lifetime and takes zero to no time to implement…nothing you have to purchase, and nothing you have to carry around with you.

This calorie-control guide works for losing weight. It works for gaining muscle. It works, period.

Check out this new guide:



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