Hydration – The Right Formula


For some unknown reason drinking 8 glasses of water is the universal recommendation of water consumption, but how big is a glass? And how can this advice apply to a 250lbs man and a 125lbs woman?
The basic formula of water consumption is very simple; take your weight and divide by two and that will give you the optimal number of ounces that you should consume in a day.

Drinking Habits

It doesn’t do your body much good to consume all of daily recommended water at once, if you didn’t drink much water throughout the day you can’t just sit down and drink two liters and expect the same results. The body requires a consistent supply of water much like it does with food so here are some drinking habits that will help you get enough water at the right times, alter the size of each serving to get your appropriate daily total.

• Have a large glass of water first thing in the morning
• Have a glass of water with each meal and snack
• Have a glass of water before you go to bed
• Keep a large bottle of water at your work station – your goal would be to drink the entire
bottle by the end of your work day.

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