Are you too busy for exercise? That’s probably the most used excuse known to mankind.

You know what I’m talking about, you’d luv to exercise today but you got too many things going on and not enough time to do it.

I can relate with this excuse. It’s a disingenuous one. It crawls all over you, grabs a hold of you making it easy to miss a couple of days – and then a week, a month, a year – and after several years you look up and can’t believe it.

While all of this is going on, this substance called “your body” is wasting away from lack of use. Your health is going south fast, but in your mind its okay because you’re “busy”.

I wouldn’t recommend that you make this excuse. Please believe me; I fight this topic all the time.

Yesterday I was up and running and had things to do and people to see. Had a lot to do and I got a lot done – but I’m chewing on a big elephant, so there’s always more – and when it came time for me to train, I really thought about skipping out yesterday.

But guess what, I didn’t. I told that elephant he could wait, I’ll chew on you later and as a result, got MORE done, not less.

One thing most people don’t realize for every 15 minutes you spend following a well designed fitness program like my “Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching Program” you capture a couple hours of increased productivity in return.

I know it’s easy to think you’re doing the right thing when you skip training for some other purpose, but you know there is rarely ever a good reason.

You know why I know that to be FACT? Because, when you are at the end of your workout and you feel the positive results of taking a second for yourself.

Like, Endorphins rushing throughout your body, Negative stress gone and Good feelings overall. You can say to yourself “Let the rest of the world wait.”

It’s time for ME.

I tell you this, it’s time you STOP making everyone else more important than your-self. You’re important, too. And you come first. Okay I want you to say something out loud with me.

Are you ready? Okay let’s go…..

“I’m IMPORTANT TOO and that **** Elephant can wait while I take care of myself”.

Felt good didn’t it? You can say it again if you want.

I will!

My “Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching Program” is the most complete system anywhere and if want to grab a hold of your health and fitness and quit making excuses, go take a look at it HERE

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