How-To Make Your Own Power Bowls


I admit…”growing up” even well into my adulthood I simply did not like salads.  But over the last several years I actually like them…and like them soooo much – I crave them daily.

It also has to be apparent that now adays…salads just aren’t salads anymore…you have an endless of varieties.  In some neck of the woods…the term salad is no longer used…but rather POWER BOWLS.

Even on the go restaurants such as Chipolte, FreeBirds, Taco Bell etc are helping make these new salads simple.

To help you enjoy the pleasure and rewards of these “Power Bowls” I thought I would share with you a simple graphic to help you build your own….whether at home, work, near or afar.

Pearland personal trainer nutrition

Enjoy the deliciousness!



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