More and more people are struggling with sleep. Getting to sleep is one problem and staying asleep seems to be another. We are so far removed from our natural circadian rhythms of nature which were sleep at dusk, awake a dawn.

Naturally our bodies are programed to sleep in darkness and wake at light as that’s the natural hormonal and rest cycle

sleep night

Modern day society interrupts that pattern in many ways

  • Stress – cognitive talk about worries the next day or current keeps us awake
  • Light – from lamps, cell phones clock radios, TV`s interfere with our natural cooling hormone melatonin, which is essential to the body cooling and preparing for deep sleep
  • Radioactive activity has been linked to hormonal disruption
  • Alcohol and caffeine interrupt sleep hormones
  • Chemicals in food and house and personal cleaning products are lined to hormonal interruptions making natural sleep cycles more difficult

Monday morning again

What happens with a lack of sleep?

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Lack of luster for daily activities,
  • Short temper, depression
  • Lack of healing time and immunity from deep sleep
  • And a whole host of other conditions that manifest over time

fall asleep

Keys to falling asleep

  • Turn off all lights early to get complete darkness
  • Don’t drink caffeine after lunch
  • Turn off brain, mediate deep breath or read a book that takes your mind of stressors
  • Eliminate bad food that inflames and toxifies system
  • Unplug electronics in bedroom
  • Take natural herbs, hormones and amino acids to enhance melatonin production and feed our other great sleep hormones prolactin and growth hormone

These nutritional aides are

  • Melatonin (cools the body and prepares hormonal cycle)
  • 5 HTP promotes serotonin and growth hormone production
  • Passion flower, valerian, jujube, turn off the constant chatter in the brain
  • l-theanine – amino acid that promotes calm


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