This one thing can be the downfall of your dieting…it can keep you at the same weight you are right now longer than you would like.

You go to bed, you ate dinner a few hours ago and it has had a chance to start digesting, so it isn’t resting on your stomach all night.  You took that brisk walk after dinner and hit the sack ready for tomorrow.

You get up in the morning, check the computer for emails, jump in the shower and head off to work.  Then when you get to work you eat a donut and get a cup of coffee.

An hour later you go back for a second donut and a refill on the coffee.  You go to lunch around noon and finish your workday with one last cup of coffee.

So what did you miss?  Breakfast!!


Eat before you leave the house and you can skip those donuts and keep your calories down.

When you get to work park a little further than you normally do and walk briskly to the office.  This gets your metabolism up and burns extra calories during the morning.

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