Today’s tip is about sleep. We understand that long hours can take their toll on the body and cause stress to our systems. This stress is expressed in the form of hormones, the most lethal to our bodies being cortisol.

For those of you who toss and turn trying to get to sleep, you probably are experiencing a high level of cortisol, which is keeping your body up and moving. When you do finally fall asleep the cortisol runs out and adrenaline kicks in. This sudden adrenaline release causes you to jolt awake. Then the process starts again – cortisol then adrenaline until finally you have to stumble out of bed and go to work. We don’t like this scenario, so here are a couple of options to help you sleep better.

  1. Try adaptagens. These powerful herbs (from the ginseng family) restore your hormonal system naturally and lower cortisol production to help you sleep better. I recommend Korean ginseng during the day, and Indian ginseng (ashwaganda) before bed. 
  2. Try eating some complex carbs before bed. A piece of fruit, yogurt, a definitions bar, or even a glass of milk. These are all great options to satisfy our natural carb/sugar cravings before bed. By eating this before bed your body doesn’t feel the need to stay up and find food, so it will relax easier.
  3. Try working out before work, not after. Cortisol is highest before bed, so working out can raise it even higher. If you exercise prior to work then you will have a more regular hormone profile for the day.

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