JC Guidry


Hi, I am JC Guidry, your coach and partner in your wellness journey. My goal is to empower individuals and families thru simple tips that can be a part of their everyday lives…whether that be fitness, nutrition, wellness, safety, or prevention.

Houston Pearland Personal Trainer JC GuidryQuick Bio:

  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • OHST (Occupational Health & Safety Technologist)
  • Author and Fitness Expert as seen on ABC, CBS and in the Houston Chronicle
  • Over 25 years of experience helping thousands of clients and served over 30,000 personal training sessions.
  • Awarded Best of the Best and Best in Area

And even with all the experience and accolades…I admit…I am far from perfect or have lead a perfect “fitness life” that most think I do.

But more random (and more important) facts about me

  • I have an admitted addiction to Biscuits & Gravy as well as chowing down on a large bowl of Grits, Eggs and Boudain.
  • There has been periods of time in my life that I hated to workout or even think about a diet.
  • That striving for a life of “being perfect” in my fitness efforts actually drove me the opposite way.
  • I too have yo-yo’ed in weight – plus and minus 30 pounds at various times in my life.
  • I went from a single bachelor life with all the time in the world to devote to me and that perfect body…to being a father and husband that now makes every excuse to put me on the back burner.
  • Am I a closet eater? – Hell no…I eat what I want…right out in the open…in the kitchen in the dark after everyone else falls asleep.

With all of my own personal experiences…and those of my clients as well…I understand the confusion and frustration that goes along with my industry…so that is why I founded iWellness Life…

So Why iWellness Life?

iWellness is an open resource that provides simple tips and definable solutions for people with the desire for an improved overall life wellness for themselves as well as their families.

Where Are You Right Now?

You know you need to prioritize health and feel guilty about not doing that, but keep coming up with various excuses (time, kids, spouse, money) and sometimes even convince yourself that you aren’t doing too badly.  But when you are really honest with yourself, you know and are worried that you might live (or not) to regret it…

Where You Desire To Be?…Goals?

To feel like you got it together, that even if you don’t have a smoken hot body (though that would be awesome) that you at least know you are looking after yourself and you get compliments from friends, family and especially your significant other.

You want to be calm and confident that you are doing a great job.  As well as setting a much better example for your children.

What Is Hold You Back?

You are overwhelmed, not knowing where to start and feeling confused about all the advice/ideas out there.  You have tried many things (gluten free, gym, etc) but never followed through.  When life gets in the way the old excuses come back and the commitment isn’t there, but actually the results were really never worth the effort and so tyou weren’t inspired to keep at it.

There is also this idea that if you aren’t doing it all (interval training, running, perfect diet, obstacle courses, etc) then there’s no real point anyway.

The tips, ideals and tools you will find within iWellness Life can and will apply to your life.  And do so in simple ways.  It is not about making huge changes today…ones that adds additional stress to your life…but rather small steps today and tomorrow…that then lead to huge and life changing results for tomorrow and the years to come.

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