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At Home – Staircase Workout

Getting out and about for our wellness / fitness activities is not the norm anymore.  With some innovation and design - you can get...
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Elements of a Good Stretch

A good stretch is something we all can use during these times of being at home, social distancing, etc.  There are numerous benefits when...

21 Day Fat Loss – No Crying Allowed Workout

In my Online / Mobile Personal Training app platform, one of the programs included is the 21 Day Fat Loss program.  Within that program...

15 At Home Dumbbell Workouts

Yesterday I posted 15 Bodyweight Workouts you can do at home...in todays post you’ll find 15 Dumbbell Workouts you can do at home too....

15 At Home Bodyweight Workouts

In today's blog posting, you’ll find 15 BodyWeight Workouts you can do at home. These workouts are organized by workout type — full body,...

KettleBell and Jump Rope Workout

I'm often asked, “If you could just a couple of piece of equipment to workout with, what would it be?” The answer to that...

Pearland Personal Trainer Shares Deck of Cards Workout

For over a decade now I have used a simple deck of 52 cards to provide a fun, calorie burning workout that my clients...

49 Summer Fitness Tips

With us just in the beginning of summer - there is plenty of time still to get comfortable in any of the swimming suits...

Butt & Gut Workout

How is your summer ready body coming along?  I totally understand - even the best of us are not always in our best swimsuit...

Yoga for Busy Parents

When you think of yoga, visions of a skinny guy twisting himself into a pretzel probably come to mind. But if you're expecting or...

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iWellness Life Receives 2019 Best of Pearland Award

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE iWellness Life Receives 2019 Best of Pearland Award Pearland Award Program Honors the Achievement PEARLAND August 30, 2019 -- iWellness Life has been...

Mason Jar Meals & Salads 101

10 Second Colon Cleanse

A New Era in iWellness Life.

Today is big.  REALLY BIG.  Because after months of hard work, collecting user feedback our entire app has been rebuilt from the ground up, we can finally say...iWellness Life Mobile Personal Training On The GO is here!

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