The Sweet Scam

The average modern person consumes 46 teaspoons of sugar every day. That comes out to roughly 175 pounds of sugar each year. And it's no...

Benefits of Slowing Down & Chewing More

In this era of fast-paced everything, even the act of eating a meal has become something we can do on the run. Breakfast comes...

Pearland Personal Trainer – Types of Intermittent Fasting

Pearland Personal Trainer, JC Guidry, shares some quick tips on various Intermittent Fasting techniques you can do. Intermittent Fasting 16:8 30% protein, 40% carb. 30% fat The...

Do You Have Sore Muscles? No More Pain Meds Needed

Muscle soreness can be a natural outcome of physical activity and eating certain fruits and vegetables can also be a natural way to help...

The Keto Diet – What is it?

The KETO Diet is a popular diet these days.  It is hard to watch any celebrity show or open any celebrity magazine and not...

Cut 500 to 1,000 Calories Per Day Without Feeling Hungry

So how can we cut 500-1,000 calories per day without feeling hungry? This might be the closest thing to a public service announcement that I've...
Houston ants

Are We Dumber Than Ants?

In this *highly* scientific example, ants will not touch the processed oil blobs. Those that did are dead. What can we learn from this? Maybe...

9 inch plate – a Weight Loss Solution

When we think of weight loss - we all know that food matters - but seldom do we take a moment and think about...

How-To Make Your Own Power Bowls

I admit..."growing up" even well into my adulthood I simply did not like salads.  But over the last several years I actually like them...and...
Pearland personal trainer nutrition detox

7 Day Fruit Detox – Gift for You

A healthy body begins with living right, eating good foods and eliminating toxins from our body. My all fruit detoxification template use primarily low glycemic...

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iWellness Life Receives 2019 Best of Pearland Award

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE iWellness Life Receives 2019 Best of Pearland Award Pearland Award Program Honors the Achievement PEARLAND August 30, 2019 -- iWellness Life has been...

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