Ever wondered why cravings for cookies and chocolate dominate when you’re trying to stick to a new plan, while broccoli seems like an alien concept? It’s not your taste buds playing tricks; it’s a signal mix-up.

Let’s decode this puzzle so you can conquer cravings once and for all.

Understanding the enemy within is crucial, as Sun Tzu wisely noted. Cravings are typically triggered by two main factors…

Firstly, habitual cravings are formed over time. You’ve conditioned yourself to reach for specific foods in response to hunger, emotions, or a need for quick energy. Chocolate, ice cream, and chips have become default solutions.

Secondly, cravings can signal nutrient deficiencies. Your body smartly alerts your brain when it lacks essential nutrients, urging you to eat something, anything, to fill the gap.

Here’s where it gets tricky. You heed the call and often opt for nutrient-poor options. These foods fail to satisfy your body’s needs, leading to more cravings and potentially overeating.

Enter the game-changing hack: when you hear the craving call, answer with nutrient-rich foods!

Nutrient-rich foods not only provide essential sustenance but also keep you feeling full longer. They prevent your body from quickly depleting its nutrient stores and triggering more cravings.

Forming a habit of choosing nutrient-rich options transforms the craving cycle. Soon, your go-to snacks become cheese sticks, veggies, or protein—maybe even broccoli (it’s more addictive than you think)!

The healthy cycle looks like this: hear the craving call, choose nutrient-rich foods, feel satisfied.

Instead of a frantic food scramble, your next meal or snack becomes a planned, nutritious choice. No more emergency sirens; just the thought of your next healthy bite.

Check out the chart below for examples of what you crave versus the nutrients your body might actually need:

craving list

By understanding and responding to your body’s signals with nutrient-rich foods, you can finally outsmart cravings and stay on track with your weight loss, fitness, and wellness goals.

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JC Guidry
Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Author and Media Fitness Expert with over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Has served over 50,000 sessions from one-on-one, semi-private to large group BootCamp classes. Nationally and locally awarded Fitness expert on both ABC & CBS.


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