Creating Positive Associations

We have all been asked the question is the glass is half empty or half full? Most people would say half full being the...
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Achieve Your Goals

Goal achievement, especially when it comes to health and fitness, can be a mystery. Most of us have no trouble with Step 1 (Setting...
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Habits and Behavior to ensure your Fat Loss

Self-directed fat loss programs fail 98% of the time, but not because fat loss is so hard. It’s because most people make fat loss...

Dont Just Fall Down – Jump Back Up

We can talk about weight loss and fitness until the cows come home. We can give you every tool and system in the tool...

Improve your life habits

What are your habits? Do you eat the same thing for lunch, go through the same exercise routine, and fall into bed at the same...
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5 Obstacles to your fitness success

You want to be fit. You know how much you should weigh. You know your ideal pant size. You can even picture how great those skinny...

Why do we exercise?

Let’s face it, some days you just don’t feel like exercising. You get too busy, too stressed and quite simply too tired. Here’s a list of...

It’s time for you. No more excuses not to exercise

Are you too busy for exercise? That’s probably the most used excuse known to mankind. You know what I’m talking about, you’d luv to exercise...
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#1 Bathing Suit Strategy

Summer is here. Full-blown beach season is here. You might have a July or August wedding to look great for. Whatever reason you have for wanting...

7 Top Motivation Lessons

There are always keys that open the door to the success you are after….below are 7 simple ones that I suggest you follow to...

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