Do This 1 Single Exercise With A Raisin…and It Could Change Your Life…

Get a single raisin and place it on your tongue. Then, close your eyes and very slowly chew on their raisin, attending to every aspect of the raisin — its shape, its texture, its taste. The aim is to become aware or mindful of every aspect of this single raisin-eating experience. Why do I want you to perform this simple task?

Psychotherapists use this raisin-eating exercise to help people reduce their
adverse reaction to stressors. In fact, this is a common stress-reduction exercise for
heart patients who need to decrease their blood pressure. The exercise reminds me of
frequent advice my mother gave me whenever she saw me rushing around to
accomplish an overload of tasks, “Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.”

So I suggest that when the time calls for it…use the raisin exercise as a stress-reduction technique. By slowing down to experience the process of eating a single raisin, you learn
how to intentionally slow down your thinking and body processes and put yourself in
a state of relaxation. The experience can also help you appreciate the value in “stopping
to smell the roses.”

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