At Home Feel Good and Stretch Workout

Are you at home this weekend and looking for a "feel good" workout? Get the body moving and feel better in under 30 minutes. All you...

Here are our Most Popular Workouts of 2021

For the majority of this year people relied on at-home (or away from gym) workouts to support their wellness and fitness goals. This morning...
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Back Pain & Exercises

Back Pain - Simple Solutions Four out of five adults will experience significant low back pain sometime during their lives. As you get older, the chances...

Exercising with Lower Back Pain

It’s a common problem for many who exercise. It makes everyday activity difficult, and scares a lot of people away from any physical activity....

How to use a foam roller

Foam Rolling is a easy self type of massage that can have some serious benefits such as.. Muscle tension relief Correcting mucle imbalances Increasing...

What The Heck Is Myofascial Physical Therapy?

How often do you deal with chronic aches and pains? How well are you able to recover after a tough workout? If you’re experiencing pain...

Yoga for Busy Parents

When you think of yoga, visions of a skinny guy twisting himself into a pretzel probably come to mind. But if you're expecting or...

Rules of Stretching

When done properly, stretching can do more than just increase flexibility.  Benefits of stretching include: enhanced physical fitness enhanced ability to learn and perform...

Stretching to Increase Flexibility

If you are very serious about increasing overall flexibility, then I recommend religiously adhering to the following guidelines: Perform early-morning stretching everyday. Warm-up properly...

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Simple Eating for Health and Fat Loss

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5 Short Lunch Break Workouts

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Mason Jar Meals & Salads 101

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