15 At Home Dumbbell Workouts

Yesterday I posted 15 Bodyweight Workouts you can do at home...in todays post you’ll find 15 Dumbbell Workouts you can do at home too....
superhero cyborg workout

SuperHero Workout Challenge – The Cyborg

Running a close 2nd to our clients favorite type of "fun" workouts (the Commercial Workouts) is our SuperHero workouts.  Kiddos loved them...and our parent...
Houston personal trainer jumping jacks

12 Minute Anywhere Workout

Contrary to many of the exercise programs out there on TV and in the fitness magazines as well as many of the personal trainers...

Here are our Most Popular Workouts of 2020

For the majority of this year people relied on at-home (or away from gym) workouts to support their wellness and fitness goals. This morning...

Pre-Christmas Mini-Challenge – 12 Days of FitMas

It’s time for this year’s edition of the 12 Days of Fitmas Workout! You already know that regular exercise will help you: → blow off some...

10 Minute Holiday Workouts

Do you have workout plans for this coming Holiday Season?  I realize minutes in the day will get shorter and shorter as we pass...

Commercial 2 Minute Core Workout

Workout and Commercials...two words that you typically don't think you can put together that leads to a positive outcome to your fitness, health and...

Workout Finishers – Boost Your Workout

Finishers are short super high intensity circuit usually lasting 3–10 minutes that you add at the end of main workout session. Finishers are a...

5 Ab Exercises that Tone Your Entire Core

Its not about just crunches anymore!  If you truly want to see a change in your abs - (outside of changing some nutritional/dietary habits)...

Simple Steps To Choosing Foods You Should Eat

More than anything I get questions in regards to what foods clients should eat...aka their diet plan.  Not because of the lack of options...

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