Contrary to many of the exercise programs out there on TV and in the fitness magazines as well as many of the personal trainers out there pushing various long-session packages on you….you absolutely don’t have to spend endless hours in the gym to find the success you want and deserve. Literally all it takes is just minutes per day.

To show you some of what I mean….I want to share with you a workout that you can do anywhere….all you need is a your own body weight and a pair of dumbbells.

This is a workout that I uploaded today in our mobile/online training vault…as another workout option for those participating in my 4 Week Weight Loss and Fitness programs as well as the Busy Parent Fitness Program.

* Below are still pics from the actual videos that you will see in our app.

For this particular workout – you’ll do 3 rounds of the following 8 exercises, performing the exercise for 15 seconds and resting for 15 seconds before starting the next exercise.

Total time for this workout: 12 minutes


pearland personal trainer thruster


houston personal trainer knees to elbows

PUSHUP – Any Variation

pearland personal trainer pushup


Pearland Personal Trainer renegade rows

REVERSE LUNGE – with or without DBS

Pearland personal trainer reverse lunges


Pearland Personal Trainer supermans


Houston personal trainer jumping jacks


Pearland personal trainer burpees

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