Goal Setting and Motivation

Motivation to lose weight, get in shape and make better daily choices If you are generally unhealthy, overweight or obese, there are some powerful reasons...

Sore Back? Knees In Rough Shape? Shoulder Ache? Read This

If you have sore knees… ​ Achy shoulders… ​ Then this will be a breath of fresh air. Why? ​ Because I am going to reveal the 10 foods you...

Random Acts of Fitness and Wellness – this works!

You may be asking yourself, what's with the strange headline, but trust me I do have an very good explanation... I used to believe that...

How to Overcome Advanced Fitness Challenges

As you continue along trying to meet your fitness goals, many things can and often do happen that can trip you up. These can...
diet plate

Diet? Forget That, let’s go on a Live-it!

Personally I hate the word diet. Going on a diet usually means starving yourself, long hours at the gym, and in general doing what...

A New Year – A New You

A NEW YEAR... A NEW YOU A new year brings a fresh opportunity to creating a new you. Setting a resolution can be frustrating if...

Surviving the Holidays…..for the health and well-being of you and your family

Jostling crowds, traffic jams, and shopping lists that grow ever longer. Extra cooking, cleaning, and decorating chores. Winter colds and flu. Travel. A stress...

12 Easy “Feel-Good” Goals

The coming new year is a great time to roll out a happier or healthier version of you, but making big changes is tough....

Enjoy the Slow Lane

Does your inner voice keep saying, slow down? You’d like to, but can’t find the time with nonstop deadlines, child care, places to be and...

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