Why is it that 10 minutes pass so quickly after pressing the snooze button on the morning alarm clock, but the same 10 minutes on a treadmill can feel like an hour? Exercise shouldn’t be something we painstakingly get through, but time that is enjoyed. Physical activity may not produce a “feel good sensation” immediately, but when it becomes routine, an overall feeling of general well-being will develop.


  • Add small amounts of physical activity gradually. Start with a 10-minute walk in the morning or after dinner.
  • Find things that you are passionate about, to tie in physical activity. Garden, take up photography and take nature pictures, volunteer to clean up local parks or beaches, walk dogs at the animal shelter.
  • Pick a person who you want to spend more time with and set up walking dates.
  • Use exercise as a stress relief. When feeling frustrated or having negative feelings, release that energy through activity.

If you pair things that you enjoy with physical activity you’ll end up not just making time for exercise, but also finding the joy in it.

“Happiness is a DIRECTION, not a PLACE.”
Sydney J. Harris

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