Running a close 2nd to our clients favorite type of “fun” workouts (the Commercial Workouts) is our SuperHero workouts.  Kiddos loved them…and our parent clients enjoy them just as much.  Today we wanted to share the workout template where you can build your own workouts for the CYBORG workout set up.

This is one of the more difficult workout challenges I have shared with my Personal Training and Bootcamp clients in the past.  One of the great things about this challenges is that you can simply change it up as you see fit – or when you want another challenge.

The Cyborg Workout

  • Equipment – only necessary when you pick exercises that need it
  • Goal – work as hard as you can
  • Time – about 30 to 35 minutes total

Choose any 3 leg exercises.

Choose any 3 Ab exercises


Choose any 3 upper body exercises



Round 1- Start with legs.

  • Complete the 1st exercise in tabata format. So, 4 minutes at a ratio of 20 second’s work, 10 rest.
  • Complete the 2nd exercise for max reps in 2 minutes
  • Complete all 3 exercises AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 4 minutes. 10 reps per exercise, 5 for beginners.
  • To finish complete Shuttle sprints for 2 minutes

Round 2: Do the same for Abs

Round 3: Do the same for upper body

Rest for 1 minute between rounds


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