It was 20 years ago that I released my first edition of my Commercial Workouts.  The very first collection was designed for one of my Personal Training clients who moved away to college.  And she wanted a workout that she could do with her sorority sisters.  I found out a gathering time for them was weekly during the TV show Grey’s Anatomy…and at that time the workout was coined – the Grey Anatomy Workout.  Over the years it has obviously adapted to anything on TV…no tag named needed!  So next time you find yourself watching TV…during the commercial breaks…enjoy these exercises.  Commercials are about 30 seconds each and total commercial breaks total about 2 minutes at a time.  Over the course of a 30 minute show you have about a 8-10 minute workout…and then over a 60 minute show you have double that.

Enjoy today’s version…which is core focused. You will find this one as well as many others in video format in my Online Mobile Personal Training App :

First Commercial – Extended Plant T-Rotation

Second Commercial – Alternating Single Leg V-UpsThird Commercial – Reverse Crunch Thrust UpsForth Commercial – Pushup (keep that core tight)


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