Here in the Houston area…the last several days have been a bit wet…

This wet weather can leave a damper on your good intentions to get active outside. A little drizzle never hurt anyone and can be refreshing when working up a sweat. If exercising in the rain has you unmotivated to move, here are a few ideas to spice up your routine on a rainy day:

Turn to the television: There are plenty of workout variations you can do right in front of the TV. These workouts can offer same benefits that a real gym offers, without leaving your house.


commercial workout personal trainer houston pearland


commercial workout houston personal trainer pearland


Self-guided exercise: If you’re going to miss going on a walk outdoors, try some self-guided exercises. There are plenty of things you can do such as jogging in place, doing crunches, using free weights, getting into your favorite yoga poses, holding a plank, doing squats or following one of the routines below:

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Body weight exercises: If you don’t have free weights at home, don’t fret. You can use your own body weight! Squats and lunges use your weight and resistance to tone your legs and glutes, while pushups work your chest and arms.

Being cooped up inside due to bad weather doesn’t mean you have to neglect your well-being. With these suggestions, you will be able to workout without leaving the comfort of your home, and what could be better than that?

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