Breakfast – my favorite meal of the day….and some sort of variation of eggs and avocados with it – it becomes a no brainer!  After years of coming across the hundreds of variations of this breakfast sandwich…it boils down to one thing – your preference(s).  And you will find the more your experiment with it on your own – the more preferences you will absolutely enjoy.  Again they are endless…so let me help you kick things off:


Ingredients…choose your option:

  • Bread – bagel, bread of choice, english muffin, tortilla, etc
  • Egg – poached, fried, scambled
  • Avocado – sliced or mashed
  • Addition(s): salt, pepper, onions, cheese, salmon, etc

Directions (its simple and quick):

  1. Bread – toast or heat it up
  2. Place your eggs and avocado on top.  I have found if I mash the avocado place that on first and it will hold the eggs better.  If I slice the avocado that is generally place on top.
  3. Also…this can be done in a sandwich format (top and bottom) or open face.  Again another enjoyable option.

Enjoy the experimenting and deliciousness!

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