Did you know that you don’t have to pack on the pounds, even when eating “buffet” style meals regularly?

You see, new research from Cornell University uncovers a powerful insight that will be very helpful to you as you visit as you visit your next buffet… if you put it to use.  What is it?

Well, the study discovered that two thirds of an individual’s plate is typically filled with the first 3 items they choose at the buffet table.  Now, how can you apply this simple finding to your belly-flattening efforts?  Easy.  Reach for salad, veggies, and lean protein before adding other items to your plate.

buffet plateThe study also found that folks are more apt to choose foods similar to the first item they put on their plate, so if the first item is a healthy choice, it’s much more likely that you will follow up that choice by placing another healthy food item on your plate.

Even better, when choosing salad greens, veggies, and lean proteins, these foods come with with high volume and low calories.  That means you’ll be able to pile your plate high, leaving your belly full while still supporting your fatloss goals.

Yes, buffets can be your best friend when following this simple strategy!

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