A recent study explored the benefits of combining intermittent fasting with a high-protein diet, yielding promising results. Participants followed specific eating protocols over an 8-week period, divided into two groups:

Group 1: Intermittent Fasting with Protein-Pacing (IFP)

  • Participants alternated between fasting days (1-2 days) and protein-pacing days (5-6 days).
  • On fasting days, they consumed 350-500 calories.
  • On protein-pacing days, the diet included 4-5 meals totaling 1,350-1,850 calories, with a focus on 35% protein, 35% carbohydrates, 20–30g/day of fiber, and 30% fat.

Group 2: Calorie-Restricted Diet (CR)

  • Participants followed a calorie-restricted plan (1,200-1,500 calories/day) based on US dietary guidelines, with a macronutrient distribution of 41% carbohydrates, 38% fat, and 21% protein.

The IFP group showed significant improvements in body composition and gut microbiome health:

  • Average weight loss of 8.81%.
  • Reduction in overall body fat, particularly abdominal fat, and an increase in lean body mass percentage.
  • Enhanced levels of beneficial gut bacteria associated with improved health and lean body mass.
  • Increased blood protein levels linked to weight loss and amino acid byproducts promoting fat burning.

While promising, it’s essential to note that nutrition approaches vary, and what works for some may not suit others. Consulting a healthcare provider before making significant dietary changes is always advisable.

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