The coming new year is a great time to roll out a happier or healthier version of you, but making big changes is tough. This list of 12 feel-good goals is a road map for making small changes — one each month in 2022 — without stress.

Whether you decide to use our suggestions or write your own, setting small achievable goals gives you more opportunities for positive outcomes. And you’ll feel good about doing something for yourself.

  1. Read a book. Find a quiet place and lose yourself in a good story.
  2. Get a massage. A massage can reduce symptoms of anxiety, headaches and chronic pain, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  3. Take a nap. Napping can increase alertness and reduce the effects of sleep deprivation. You’ll feel more refreshed for work, family and fun.
  4. Commit to 30 minutes of alone time. Need more tranquility in your life? Spending half an hour alone can give you more energy and make you more creative.
  5. Invest in a workout class or personal training. With some accountability and expert advice, you’re more likely to stick to your fitness goals. How about these quick workouts?
  6. Start a journal. Consider writing down your thoughts each day. It could help improve your mental health. Or, if nothing else, you’ll have carved out a few quiet moments.
  7. Declutter or clean one area. Messes are stressful, but so is cleaning. Instead of tackling your whole home, pick one area to focus on at a time.
  8. Schedule an acupuncture or chiropractic appointment. Acupuncture has been shown to help treat chronic headaches, muscular injuries and high blood pressure. And chiropractic adjustments can help improve joint mobility and function.
  9. Go for a walk. Getting outside and moving around can increase your happiness and concentration. It’s great for your mental and physical health.
  10. Volunteer. Contribute to a cause you care about by donating your spare time. Not only will you help your community, but you’ll also be helping to counteract stress and anxiety.
  11. Call a friend. Make time to reconnect with a loved one. They benefit from a chat too.
  12. Learn a new recipe. Practice cooking a new healthy meal or a sweet treat.

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