We’ve all been there. You intend to work out every morning. Then one week in, the alarm clock goes off and you’re not feeling 100%. You drop your routine — “just for the day” — but you never manage to get back on the wagon.

Changing your routine is hard. But with the right approach, you can definitely do it. If you’re trying to create sustainable healthy habits (and really stick to them), here are three tips to help you:

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Say you slip up and miss a morning run. Or you attend a birthday party and eat more cake than you would have liked. Just remember: You haven’t failed.

Building a habit takes time.

Make Thoughtful Changes to Your Environment

Small changes can make a big difference. For example, try picking out clothes for your morning workout the night before. It will save you time and make it easier to get ready to go.

Another example: If your goal is to stay hydrated, leave a reusable water bottle on your desk as a constant reminder to drink more water.

Build a Support System

People who have a support system in place are more likely to succeed at their wellness goals.

All you need is two or three encouraging people who will hold you accountable when you feel like giving up.

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