When it comes to my corporate wellness coaching – nutrition is definitely one of the top 10 inquiries I get from the employees.  So today I wanted to share 5 quick tips / ideas for the management and stakeholders in businesses out there to support those inquiries…remember employee health is company wealth!

Employees Who Meal Prep Together, Stay Together

Meal-prepping is a great way to ensure that individuals have healthy options throughout the week, but it’s a lot of work! Encouraging healthy eating could be as simple as enabling meal-prepping groups within your organization. Circulate an email with a Google form to sign up to meal prep. When your people know they only need to make one item per week and combine with their co-workers for a complete meal, the task becomes much less daunting.

Join a Corporate Farm Share

Farm shares are everywhere! A farm share usually delivers boxes of produce to subscribing organizations and provide bursting boxes of fresh fruit and veggies, all from a local farm or farm co-op. Not only is this a great way to “shop local” it also lessens the needs for weekly grocery shopping since the farm comes to you. Many programs even offer suggested recipes to accompany their ingredients. Find a program near you and provide a sign-up sheet in the office!

Allow Your Employees to Share Knowledge

Your employees probably know a lot more than you realize when it comes to healthy eating! Why not allow them to share with one another? Create a Google Doc or shareable document where they can input recommendations for healthy eating-out lunch options. This way, when employees go out for lunch, they can know that there’s always a nutritious option on the menu.

Provide Weekly Healthy Eating Tips

While many employees have a general understanding of healthy eating, there may be some that are clueless. For them eating healthy is an uphill battle – help them out by circulating easy-to-employ nutrition tips.
• Did you know that half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables? Follow this rule as a great way to reduce carbohydrates and saturated fat intake.
• Nutrition tracking apps often include barcode scanners? This makes tracking your food easier than ever.
• Did you know that quitting smoking makes food taste better? Even cutting cigarette intake can help all of your meals taste better and feel more satisfying.

Initiate an Employee Wellness Program

A well-balanced employee well-being program will encourage healthy eating, emotional health, mental health, weight management, and nutritional support. In the end, these programs help employers save money and lower their annual healthcare costs.

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