A Pi Workout

The number lets you know how many of that exercise you are doing. 
(Feel free to switch out the exercises if you choose)
1.  Bear Crawl
2.  Suicide Sprints
3.  Pull Ups
4.  Sit Ups
5.  Jump Squats
6.  Tricep Dips
7.  Push Ups
8.  Mountain Climbers
9.  Burpees
0.  Russian Twist (10 reps)
Run 25 yards in between each exercise or length of basketball court.




Example: You would start by doing 3 Pull Ups, then run the length of basketball court, then 1 Bear Crawl the length of basketball court, then run length of basketball court, then 4 Sit Ups, then run length of basketball court, etc…


The number lets you know how many of that exercise you do before you run the length of basketball court. 
The goal is to get through the first 100 digits of Pi within an hour. 

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