Getting out and about for our wellness / fitness activities is not the norm anymore.  With some innovation and design – you can get your workout right in your own home.  This workout is part of the new additions to our 4 week fitness program vault….check them out  (each plan is 4 weeks in duration):

At Home – Staircase Workout

The “equipment” required for this workout is: your staircase or anywhere you can find one in the great outdoors!

  • For the bodyweight reverse lunge, stand on the first step of your staircase so you end up doing a reverse deficit lunge
  • Choose any of the steps to complete the push-ups at an incline that is comfortable for you – Step-ups need to be done on the first step of the stairs
  • Single-leg glute bridges should be done on an incline so place your feet on the first step and complete the bridge
  • The “Box” jumps can be done on the first step. Jump up and step down.
  • For the “Stair Climbers”, no need for the actual machine! Simply go up the entire staircase (2 steps at a time if you can) and run down. Repeat for 30 seconds then rest and repeat.

In our on the go workout training app each of these exercises are demonstrated in a simple video format to guide you thru each and everyone.  

Interested in more info on our 4 Week Fitness and Weight Loss program options? It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

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