Does your inner voice keep saying, slow down? You’d like to, but can’t find the time
with nonstop deadlines, child care, places to be and people to see and text. Getting
a lot done isn’t bad, but feeling constantly rushed is. The stress that rushing creates
can keep you awake nights, diminish your peace of mind and make you sick and

During this busy season, give yourself permission to move into the slow lane. Here
are 3 simple practices:

  • Pause. Say you’re surrounded by traffic jams, chattering people or noisy crowds
    — consciously shift your focus from these annoyances to the tangible things around
    you such as light, air and objects. Observing the stillness of these elements can
    provide a brief reprieve from rushing thoughts.
  • Retreat. Enjoy timeouts during your day. Take a short walk and breathe in fresh air.
    Have a quiet lunch. Spend a few minutes reading, or contemplate restful thoughts
    and images — a favorite view, your pet’s face or a special memory.
  • Meditate. Try it right now: Take a deep breath and relax your facial muscles.
    Lower your shoulders and arms, and loosen up your hands and wrists. If seated,
    uncross your legs or ankles; feel your thighs sink into your chair, and your calves
    become heavy. Now slowly breathe in and out. You’ve just activated your relaxation


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