Sunshine, fresh air, clear breezes, the smells of nature…. awful, awful drudgery.

Still, many people seem to rank outside yard work right up there with filling out IRS tax returns.

Hundreds of gas and electric yard tools of convenience were invented so you could stay inactive and indoors. People are putting a lot of effort into these products so you don’t have to use any effort at all.

It’s ironic, then, when people seem to really try hard to stay inactive.

Think about it.

You had to put in several hours at work to earn money that bought that leaf blower, just so you wouldn’t have to go through the “torture” of using a $5 rake.

Self-powered yard work can be an incredible source of fun, relaxing exercise.

It might in fact be a time saver too, if you can use it to offset some gym time.


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