If you’re as big a fan as I am (my wife even more) of Ryan Reynolds, then you will LOVE what he tweeted out recently about probiotics:

ryan reynolds probioticsPretty funny, right?

Well, he did bring up a heck of a point: Probiotics are important—not only for digesting dinner (as he so happily posted), but for improving a lot of areas of your health.

You can expect a good probiotic to:

  • Improve digestion
  • Strengthen your gut
  • Boost brain health (yes, your gut is your “second brain”)
  • Improve immunity and…
  • Protect you against bad bacteria

But most probiotics you can find at say Walmart or other big box stores don’t pack the powerful punch you need to strengthen your body.

In fact, they don’t contain the right strains and may even contain DEAD bacteria that will do nothing for your health. That’s why I am offering you a FREE trial bottle of JayLab Pro Probiotics!

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JayLab Pro has given me permission to give away 150 FREE bottles of Probiotics through this special, one-time only offer. So go to the link below and get your free bottle today before they run out:

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