As you continue along trying to meet your fitness goals, many things can and often do happen that can trip you up. These can range from money-related matters to time-related issues and much more. Let’s take a look at popular fitness challenges and see how to overcome them head on in order to still meet goals successfully and not get off track.


Not enough time to workout in gym time is one of the top fitness stoppers. This can generally be overcome with better planning, organization and prioritizing. So pick up a planner at your local office supply store or start using yours more and more effectively.

Organize your days, weeks and months and set up priorities each day. For example, get up an hour earlier each day and go to the gym at that time. Skip on hour of television each night to listen to motivational audio files while you’re preparing the next day’s healthy menus and foods. And schedule in a pit stop at the market for fresh fruits and vegetables with your other weekly errands like going to the bank and post office.


Other top challenges that arise include lack of funds in the budget. This can affect being able to continue with your fitness club or gym membership, getting new clothes in smaller sizes as you drop weight, getting special foods and beverages to go with your fitness program and more. To help combat this you can borrow books, videos, cassettes and other aids from your local library & check online for free resources on not only fitness but on topics like: money management, how to make extra money in your spare time, recipes for healthy meals and snacks, sewing your own clothes and keeping positive during difficult times.

Also don’t be afraid to discuss your financial problem with your gym or fitness center owner. You may be able to take a time out and continue your membership later when things pick up, or you may be able to continue at a different plan with a lower rate, or you may be able to cancel and have any penalty waived with a letter.


Dull or overused routines can result in boredom. So can lack of progress. So pump it up! Ask a trainer to help design a new program for you. Hire a trainer for a day. Grab a book or video and add their routine to yours. Increase your reps. Increase weights. Enroll in a new class.


Step outside your self and look around. Sure, it’s wonderful to get fit. But are others there struggling? Do you see newcomers having difficulty figuring out the equipment, for example? Give back. Help others by helping yourself. Be a friend; make a friend…work together.

Backwards Progress

Get help! You may be eating the wrong foods, drinking the wrong beverages, not working out right or any number of things. Seek help on fitness forums, with a trainer, with your physician…anywhere and everywhere until you get help.

So don’t give up the fitness ship! Plug away at challenges that come up. And get to goal!

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