Our clients have been loving the initial features that came with the release of the new Apple Watch App last fall.

It was the first taste of coaching where fitness meets wearables, featuring workouts and habits on the go, checking off daily-to-dos, and the ability for our clients to have us, their coach, by their side—right from their wrist.

Now, we’re giving you and our clients even more! Discover more of what we’re offering clients (below) when they train with us with the latest Apple Watch App update.

The perfect companion.

Now the Apple Watch App doubles as the perfect workout and cardio companion, working to fuel extra data points to the app. Our clients can view and keep track of time, distance, calories, and heart rate data when tracking workouts and cardio activities!

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Freedom to sweat how you like.

Our clients have the freedom to complete more than just the workouts we post and thus we get an even fuller picture of how they’re training.

With the latest Apple Watch App update, our clients can track a variety of cardio activities from rowing, pilates, to team sports straight from their wrists—making it easier than ever for our clients to crush their fitness goals.

Training in the zone.

With the Apple Watch App, clients can now easily view their heart rate zones as indicated by new colored bars as they workout.

Training with a focus on maintaining or reaching a heart rate zone is perfect for ensuring that our clients maintain the right intensity during their workouts. This helps our clients to avoid plateauing in their training—especially important as our clients naturally grow accustomed to cardio activities the more they train!

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Celebrate small victories.

We help make training fun for our clients and keep them challenged. With all of the new cardio activities comes along a new set of achievement badges and milestones.

As our clients hit new personal bests, clients will see the milestones they’ve hit and badges they’ve earned appear on the Apple Watch App.

Plus, our clients can now view all the badges they’ve collected on a new badge board—great for reminding clients of their past wins!

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Get the Apple Watch App now!

For any client using any of our online/virtual program, you will automatically get access to the Apple Watch App.

Connect your Apple Watch and be among the first to start using the new Apple Watch App!

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