Packable Lunches – Grocery List

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Back-to-school season has many focusing on planning and prepping for taking food on the go. You don’t have to have kids in school to benefit from easy and tasty ideas for healthy packed lunches.

Here are a few key ingredients to add to your grocery list and to keep on hand for variation and keeping food combinations interesting:

Proteins: Nut butter, pumpkin seeds, hummus
Fruits: Apples, raisins
Veggies: Carrots, cucumbers, avocados
Wraps: Lettuce, whole grain bread


Sliced apple and peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread.
Chopped salad with carrots, cucumber and diced apples.
Sprinkle with raisins and pumpkin seeds.
Hummus lettuce wraps. Spread two tablespoons hummus on each lettuce leaf, add shredded carrot and sliced cucumber.
Avocado club sandwich. Toast whole grain bread, spread avocado on both sides of bread. Layer thinly sliced cucumber and carrots sliced lengthwise. Combine apple slices, raisins and pumpkin seeds on the side.

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