Today’s tip involves the health of your children. Do you know that by their teens 37% of children are obese? Some children are on hypertensive medicine before their 10th birthday and ADHD seems to be as common as the flu. Why is this happening? More importantly what can you do to prevent it and protect your children?

At definitions we have developed a program for children with the help of leading doctors in cardiovascular and orthopedic disciplines and found some startling conclusions as well as some easy solutions.

Here are the top 3 reasons why this epidemic is happening:

Factor #1: Lack of play, general fitness, and recreation in today’s youth

Budget cutbacks are an all too often common occurrence in elementary schools, with physical education programs being most common on the chopping block; leaving the child/parent responsible to provide their own fitness activities.

The technology industry has served to further exacerbate this problem. New devices such as video game consoles, DVD’s, high definition TV, and high speed internet have replaced physical play as the primary recreational activities in children.

Factor #2: Poor nutritional habits / knowledge

A lack of understanding of nutrition is a major contributor to childhood obesity. Many parents may attempt to provide foods that they think will benefit their kids; however they may have some misconceptions about the roles certain nutrients play in our bodies.

Factor #3: Lack of parental education leadership and in lifestyle coaching and wellness

The thing that impresses me the most about America is the way parents obey their children.”- King Edward VIII

Parents have to take the reins when it comes to being a parent. Picky children will not eat what their body demands and parents must dispel this habit even if it is ingrained in their children. Parents need to say no and teach their children what is good for them. They say no to drugs, alcohol and missing curfew, but not food. Poor eating and bad health will lead to more deaths in children then drugs and alcohol combined, so become an advocate for power living.

If these points hit home, don’t worry its very common…but isn’t now the time to fix it?

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