The Oscars are tomorrow, and even though I’m allergic to award shows, I do love to dish out recognition…when it’s deserved. 

So I’ll start with the:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Have you heard of this guy? 

Fauja Sing, the world’s oldest marathoner, is retired at the age of, get this, 101…and is now 107! 

He’s even completed over eight marathons since 2000. 

I’d say that pretty much eliminates any excuse from anyone aged less than, say, a hundred? What do you think? 

Best Exercise goes to ‘the king of exercises’, the barbell squat. There’s not an inch of your body that’s not fully engaged in a properly executed squat. 

And because you’re moving your body through space, it invokes a fear factor that juices up the neuro-muscular activation, leading to faster results. Start with your own body weight and work up from there. 

Got the transformation blues?
 “Chain yourself to the squat rack and call me in the morning.” 

Best Supporting Exercise goes to the plank

It’ll turn your core into a solid brick wall, ensuring you have the support you need to let a Jeep drive over you (not that you’d want to). Nevertheless, a pillar-like core is useful in
 any type of motion or lifting. 

Best Food goes to…well, anything that has one ingredient only.  An apple is its own ingredient, a tomato is its own ingredient, organic, free-run eggs are their own ingredients. See where I’m going with this? 

Generally speaking, the longer the lost of ingredients, the more likely it’s hurting your health, and making you fat. Whole foods, on the hand, are not trying to be anything, they’re just being themselves. And I respect that. 

Choose one-ingredient-foods where possible. Good rule to remember. 

Best Supporting Food goes to shakes and protein powders

They fill the gaps between meals, taste delicious, fuel my energy, and they’re almost impossibly low glycemic index, which keeps your body in the fat-burning zone. 

Best Cheat FoodBeignets. Just ’cause. Damn I love beignets! 

Be sure to plug these winners into your day to day routine. Who knows, by next year you may even be nominated for Best Transformation. 

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JC Guidry
Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Author and Media Fitness Expert with over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Has served over 50,000 sessions from one-on-one, semi-private to large group BootCamp classes. Nationally and locally awarded Fitness expert on both ABC & CBS.