What’s the one habit in your life that creates a domino effect leading to other positive habits?

Is it planning your day?

Or maybe doing a morning workout?

Or maybe some meditation?

That’s your keystone habit, which is a concept introduced in “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be just one. It can also be something small like setting your gym clothes out the night before.

If I had to choose one keystone habit, that one big domino that knocks down all the others, it’s getting up early.

I can tap into the best part of myself that is committed to my vision & goals, which spring from my values. What’s truly important to me.

It also allows for a solid hour to complete my morning routine, the primary purpose of which is to cultivate a positive mindset. I program myself to be who I want to be and achieve what I want to achieve.

I have certainly flowed from day to day without any planning or typical habits whatsoever. Just guided by intuition, or sometimes living a life of reaction where I’m living in a tornado.

There certainly is no perfect way to live your life!

With that said, there are foundational habits that are like roots that keep me grounded, while I trust my intuition fully as life unfolds.

The keystone habits are the strongest and thickest roots of them all.

So what’s your #1 keystone habit?

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