Summer is here. Full-blown beach season is here. You might have a July or August wedding to look great for.

Whatever reason you have for wanting to look better naked is fine with me. But what is absolutely critical to your success is a burning desire. A vivid image in your mind of how amazing you are going to look and feel in your new body. That is by far and away the #1 strategy for bathing suit season.


Now you might be rolling your eyes at just how simplistic and hokey the above sounds. But it’s not. As a fitness expert with over 20 years experience I can tell you that my MOST successful clients all had one thing in common – they wanted it BAD. Real bad. This time was different. This time they had a crystal clear image of what they were going to look like in that bathing suit. They could literally FEEL it.

Close your eyes right now and imagine.
Imagine yourself in your bathing suit looking at yourself in a mirror. But not as you are now. No, as you WANT to be.
Imagine looking at that reflection and admiring what you see.
Imagine the PRIDE you feel at the accomplishment.
Imagine how great it feels to be LEAN.
Imagine how your significant other looks at you. That sexy little smile they let out as they walk by you.
Imagine rubbing suntan lotion on your tight arms and legs.
Imagine how flat your stomach is.
Imagine how confident you are as you stroll down to the water to cool yourself off.

You START with a clear mental image of what you want and a BURNING DESIRE to achieve it.

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