A new baby will obviously change your life. All of these changes are well worth it, some may find it hard to keep up with regular exercise and sleep.

Prioritizing Exercise 

Your body has just gone through extensive labor, you may be sleep deprived and all you can focus on are the needs of your little one. You find yourself letting housework and daily activities fall by the way side, and the last thing on your mind is exercise. However, exercise is just the energizer you need to keep yourself going. The benefits of exercise after pregnancy include; restoring muscle strength and firmness, reduced tiredness, raise energy level, improve cardiovascular fitness, improve mood, relieve stress, conditions abdominal muscles, and helps to prevent postpartum depression. 

Start Out Slow 

The first six to eight weeks after delivery your body may need a little extra time to get back in shape since it is still healing from labour. Tending to your little one and household chores is enough exercise at this point in time. Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise regime. 

Go Modern 

When your body feels up to it, why not get in some cardio. This doesn’t necessarily mean heading to the gym to run on a treadmill, be creative. Head to the mall or nearest shopping center for a walk. Don’t push yourself too hard, and if you feel tired take breaks on nearby benches. If the mall is not for you, take a walk through your neighborhood or a park. 

Exercise Doesn’t Mean Separation 

Setting time aside for exercise doesn’t mean you have to part from your baby. Place him/her in a swing or chair and let them be part of the fun while you do your fitness routine. Workout videos, push ups, sit ups and exercises on a Swiss ball are all great ways to stay fit at home. Don’t forget that lifting, carrying and playing with your baby can also be considered a workout. (For a Mom Workout click here)

Social Exercising 

Exercise with a friend, family member, spouse or another new mom. This time can be used to stay fit and to connect or reconnect with important people in your life. Not only is this giving you social time but it is a big motivator for exercise. Arrange a schedule with your training buddy, set specific days to meet and plan your workouts. This helps you stick with it, and you’ll be surprised how quickly time passes when exercising with a friend. The main thing is to find someone who is interested in exercise so that you can use each other to stay dedicated and succeed.


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