The importance of progression and your success in weight loss and fitness….

Let me use 2 examples to explain how progression works and why you should constantly re-evaluate you current goals and set new ones.

Answer yourself these questions:

If you were in the same grade for your whole life would you learn anything new? No, because once you learn something you know it, same goes for training. We have a process in our body known as down regulation. When exposed to a constant stimulus our body down regulates its sensory input because it is considered normal.

The next question to ask yourself is, does wet paint smell as strongly after an hour in a painted room as it did when you first entered? No again. Do you think that squats, for example, stimulate your body to the same degree they once did after doing them for two years straight? In other words, the only way to smell the paint is to either use more, or use a different type of paint. That is how our bodies work. We need to constantly lift more each time we do an exercise, and once we plateau we need to change stimulus.

Our bodies need to be exposed to an exercise for about 8 weeks while increasing weight each set in order to adapt, but once this time period is up it is time to change and begin the process anew. Use my knowledge to help you develop a new plan or to help you advance your existing routine. Let your body experience something new. I’m sure it will be grateful. Reward yourself and get you to your goals quicker then ever.


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